Senin, 20 November 2017

adventure sulawesi tour

Adventure sulawesi tour
sulawesi is wonderfulland to explore .
north sulawesi is the best to start to explore all sulawesi destination.
explore the under water on north sulawesi diving on bunaken island ,lembeh straits,bangka island recomended to
bastianos is can organise for minahasa highland and hiking volcano included in the trip.

many time the use me as guide for this trip.
i can guide you for trans sulawesi but start from north sulawesi to south sulawesi.

Jumat, 28 Agustus 2015

sulawesi gorontalo babyrusa[forestpigdeer] nantuforest 6days and 6night tour start from tangkoko nature reserve

baby rusa adudunantu forest by guide jotje lala.

hornbill bird by guide jotje lala

serpent eagle adudu nantu by guide jotje lala

roller bird adudu nantu by guide jotje lala

macaques heki adudu nantu by guide jotje lala

red bellied pitta on the way fro koata mobagu to doloduo by guide jotje lala

rare pitta bird in unpromotet forest kotamobagu by guide jotje lala

rare pitta bird

the last trip we were lucky so we could anoa around 5 oclock afternoon 24 agusttus 2015 compliit trips for nantu forest
sulawesi baby rusa adududu nantu forest gorontalo 20-26 agustus 2015.
guide jotje lala with mr  mikael from rusia in the homestay near adudu nantu forest gorontalo province

bay rusa by guide jotje ala

black macaques heki in nantuforest by guide jotje lala

baby rusa adu nantu
egle bird

crossing the river go inside nantu forest
roller bird on the bonder of adunantu forest

roller bird by guide jotje lala

adudu nantu forest

adudu nantu forest

hawk eagle in adudu nantu forest

guide jotje lala guided mr mikael from rusia.
panorama onthe way to gorontalo

pitta bird on the way to doloduo